The development of shale gas generators at the right time
 The development of shale gas generators at the right time
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 Shale gas is a kind of occurrence in the organic rich shale shale and laminated, exist in the free state of adsorption or unconventional natural gas, is regarded as a kind of clean and efficient energy resource, can effectively improve the energy consumption structure.

 After many years of research and practice, China has basically mastered the shale gas geological evaluation, horizontal wells, horizontal wells and the corresponding sub fracturing and the corresponding laboratory analysis techniques. With the development of the theory of shale gas accumulation and the accumulation of experience, China will gradually form a shale gas development technology system with independent intellectual property rights. The reality of the situation at home and abroad, the development of shale gas and natural gas power generation based on the industry, and carries on the analysis, combined with the status quo of China's energy shortage and environmental pressure and we found that the geographical distribution of China's shale gas and power load center distribution of the high degree of coincidence, in situ generation of shale gas using the power load center of our economy more developed that can effectively reduce the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction is increasing; and because of shale gas in power to protect the environment, optimizing energy structure, realize the power peaking and other aspects have obvious advantages, and China's shale gas reserves in the world, the total amount of 36 trillion and 800 billion cubic meters, more than 50% American reserves. Therefore, from a long-term and strategic perspective, the future China shale gas power generation in the total generating capacity occupies the possibility of an important position, through legislation to encourage, promote, and protection of China's shale gas power generation development while meantime.




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