Micro gas generators - Chuangxiao, energy, security
Micro gas generators - Chuangxiao, energy, security
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Biogas energy development, one can supplement the energy needs of rural production and living; on the other hand, can reduce the harm of industrial production of organic wastewater and solid waste on the environment. Marsh gas pool can be used by farmers to respect life energy, agricultural production and processing; also be used for biogas generation, biogas fuel cells and so on. Slurry for fertilizer, feed, bio-pesticides, broth material production. Biogas used for fertilizer, feed production. Recycling "biogas" multi-level energy and material use biogas as a link established ecological economic system, to achieve a win-win situation and the economic environment, and promote the sustainable development of circular economy.
Micro gas generators is a comprehensive utilization of biogas technology with the establishment of large biogas and continue to develop emerging, which is produced by methane fermentation tank after purification for the engine is equipped with an integrated power generation unit to generate electricity and heat, the integrated thermal efficiency up to 75%, is an important way of effective utilization of biogas. Biogas power generation has Chuangxiao, energy, security and environmental protection, comprehensive benefits, improve energy structure and ease regional power shortages, improve the overall efficiency of biogas projects, is a widespread and inexpensive distributed energy distribution.

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