Deutz gas turbine FAQ
Deutz gas turbine FAQ
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Deutz gas turbine capacity depends on what factors?
Installed size (capacity) gas turbine depends on two factors: First, the amount of methane, the greater the amount of biogas installed capacity is large; the second is the load (in this case within hours of consumption of all electrical equipment unit) size, especially small and medium scale farming influenced by this factor.
Biogas power generation which requires auxiliary equipment?
Biogas digesters need to have power, gas pipelines, gas storage cabinets (bags), biogas desulfurization dehydration, even if the pressure is not enough to increase a corrosion proof pressurization equipment, and finally the gas turbine. If you want to network and then need to set and cabinet.
Flue gas heat and hot water tank inside the gas turbine can be recovered it?
Gas turbine power generation process, the flue gas temperature reaches 500 degrees, the engine jacket water where there are about 80 degrees, we can through the plate heat exchanger inside the heat exchange out if the amount you can give us for Heating, If a small amount of water can be used for our lives.

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