Weifang gas turbine system configuration optimization program
Weifang gas turbine system configuration optimization program
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Weifang gas turbine to power the most economical way is to use the construction unit to meet their needs with a point, and then the excess electricity into the public grid; thermal energy is required to meet the fermentation tank, and then to consider shelter, heating the farm or delivered to the public district heating network. At the same time by optimizing the configuration, greatly improve the security of system operation, high efficiency, stability and economy, will also bring huge economic, security and social benefits. Therefore, you should choose to establish and optimize programs when the system configuration:
(L) gas deal is a need to further improve the technology, the market needs a large number of modular, able to adapt to harsh conditions, low-cost on-site gas purification system, the security of stable gas turbine operation.
(2) How to reduce the cost of small power units, improve the performance of small power units, so that small and medium-scale wastewater treatment project can be implemented.
Frequency of maintenance (3) the need to reduce equipment repair time needs to be shortened, high-line rate is an important factor in reducing costs.

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