Natural Gas Power Industry Status
Natural Gas Power Industry Status
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In many countries, natural gas is one of the main forms of electricity generation. For example, in the United States, natural gas power generation capacity accounted for about 40% of its total installed capacity of power generation, and became the only type of strong growth in the current generation. China's natural gas power generation industry is currently a lack of market competitiveness. First, in the same heat calculations, the cost of natural gas is much higher than coal-fired power generation, from all over the tariff point of view, the lack of natural gas margins; secondly, the direction of China's natural gas and electricity price reform of electricity price reform bidding and the market price of natural gas, which will lead to a further decline in natural gas market competitiveness.
In addition, China's natural gas supply and transportation capacity shortage, natural gas generator sets often can not be run in accordance with the scheduling grid power curve. The natural gas power plants bear gas purchase contracts "take or pay" and bidding, power peaking gas consumption due to the uncertain business risks, no doubt limited the development of natural gas industry.

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